Sister City Shanghai

Dunedin Chinese Garden - Sister Garden Shanghai

The proposal for Dunedin to establish a sister-city relationship with Shanghai was first mooted in 1992, before being formalised during a visit by a Shanghai delegation to Dunedin in October 1994. The relationship was renewed in September 2008 and again in April 2013.

The Dunedin City Council considers this personal yet formal link with China as one that can provide significant economic opportunities. The relationship also recognises the strong influence of Chinese on Otago history, and the involvement of the local Chinese population has been an important factor in developing the relationship.

The relationship is a powerful driver behind Project Shanghai , a partnership of Dunedin businesses, educational institutions and the Dunedin City Council which aims to develop a broad range of links between the two cities.

The Dunedin Shanghai Association

It is not surprising with the number of Chinese residents in Dunedin, that a committee of interested citizens was formed soon after the sister city relationship was formalised. The Dunedin Shanghai Association’s (DSA) mission statement is:

"To promote and facilitate good relations between Shanghai and Dunedin for the benefit of the Dunedin business and wider Dunedin community, and our Shanghainese counterparts."

The Association plays a key role in introducing and facilitating business, cultural, education and sports links between Dunedin groups and their Shanghai counterparts. It also hosts and facilitates a wide range of visitors and delegations from Shanghai. This role is reciprocated by the City of Shanghai in terms of visits to Shanghai by Dunedin delegations.

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